Heath & Safety and Fire trainings

"Art in 2373. 1 Do not allow the employee to work, to which the exercise does not have the required qualifications or skills and sufficient knowledge of the provisions and principles of safety and health.
2 The employer is obliged to provide employee training in the field of occupational health and safety before allowing him to work and conduct periodic training in this area."

Training offered by AS SERVICE comprehensively fulfill the legal requirements for employee training, both initial training (general instruction) and periodic training for all employee groups.

General instruction program, namely the initial training shall include the discussion of the elements of labor law, of dangerous and hazardous at work processes, accidents, first aid and fire protection.

Conduct periodic training for all employee groups, ie the position:
  • workers
  • administrative - office
  • engineering and technical
  • employers and persons managing employees

Periodic training have to update and consolidate the knowledge and skills related to health and safety and provides participants on the training with:
  • learning the regulations and rules of occupational health and safety to the extent necessary to perform work in the workplace and at a given position at work, and work-related duties and responsibilities in the field of occupational health and safety;
  • knowledge of the factors that may cause danger to the safety and health at work, and with appropriate remedial actions;
  • Acquire the skills to work in a safe way for himself and others, dealing with emergency situations and to assist the person who has sustained an accident.